Life beggins at the end of your comfort zone.

Do you feel insecure, anxious and doubtful about studying abroad?

Well I just wanna brief you about my little experience in studying abroad.

After being awarded a scholarship to study in India, my biggest fear was racism. I knew exactly that as a future journalist this is a great opportunity I could ever ask for.

My journey was a bit unusual, I never considered myself anything than a typical Swazi student who wants to see what’s out there.

All the way from the southern part of Africa (Swaziland) to study in India, made me a bit nervous. With enthusiasm the students in my college were waiting to meet the first international student to be admitted in the college.

I just realized that I’m unmistakably black and I started observing distinct behavior which was not familiar with me.

Since my arrival on the 5th of March 2021 in India, I’ve met a lot of people who got attracted by my black skin color.

When people approached me with that kind of curious mindset, I actually made a lot of things easier. I started striking conversations with strangers

Nevertheless most of them have difficulties in speaking English but Google Translate is their hope. What I have noticed about physical appearance of being black is that :

It makes people we meet abroad wants to understand us. They are mostly curious to our home, occupation and cultures.

I won’t focus on the difference of the cultures since I’m still observing and learning new things daily. I have faced difficulties like being home sick and the food

Well there are restaurants to give you food which is also available in Africa. I chose journalism and mass communication because I love interacting with people

Learning different cultures and Traveling, exploring the world. In that way I don’t regret being in India.

Concluding my story, I want to make it clear that, the fact is, people are honestly curious about things that are different. When you study abroad every step is a learning experience.

The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet, don’t give up on the Chance of seeing them.